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Alexandra Fructuoso was a part time model for the fashion scene when she came to Brazil on her own at 19.

Dearly attached to fashion, Alexandra Fructuoso decided in 2012 that it was time to devote herself to her passion, and to create Maison Alexandrine as a sanctuary for “demanding and alert” clients.

Located in the heart of São Paulo, Maison Alexandrine offers a moment where time stands still, thanks to the exceptional service given to its clients.

In this context, the Atelier couture of Maison Alexandrine is devoted to color and bringing to life the clients’ desires, always with good taste and elegance. Maison Alexandrine makes dreams come true.

Alexandra Fructuoso believes in the result of a work well done, with high quality and distinction - leveraging Brazilian artisans legacy and the Brazilian handicraft, as a tribute to Brazilian culture.

Within a Couture culture, each ready to wear fashion collection embodies a subtle combination of Parisian allure and Brazilian style. All collections are expertly created within Maison Alexandrine’s Atelier with the key values of craftsmanship, detail and sophistication.

From contemporary suits to fully beaded dress, jumpsuits, luxury bodysuits to cocktail dresses: Maison Alexandrine is ensuring sensual and elegant silhouettes using carefully sourced and exceptional fabrics, intricate detailing, delicate embroideries, exquisite embellishment, contemporary cuts and volume, as well as impeccable finishings.

As a true embodiment of its Founder and Creative Director Alexandra Fructuoso: Maison Alexandrine’s aesthetics celebrate the free and self-conscious woman with a modern and glamourous vision of fashion.

Results of this mastery can be seen on many of the world’s most though-after celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Irina Shayk, Gisele Bundchen amongst others.


Originally Portuguese and Brazilian at heart, Alexandra Fructuoso has always been a deeply passionate patron of the arts, fashion in particular. Alexandra came to Brazil with a background in health care management to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Her warmth with others, grit to succeed and eye for talent led her to build one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in Latin America. In July of 2015, the company was sold, and Alexandra could devote herself exclusively to fashion. Alexandra’s childhood passion for French history exposed her to the story of Madame de Pompadour, one of the more powerful (and controversial) woman in French history and one of the world’s most prolific patrons of the arts.

She was a determined woman, who fought so that the ideals and work of several artists and philosophers would overcome the walls of France and grab the attention of the world. Finally, in 1744, Madame de Pompadour conceived her most important creation. It wasn’t the china of Sèvres, the Petit Trianon nor the Élysée Palace, but the little Alexandrine Le Normant d ́Étiolles – Madame Pompadour’s only child.

Almost three centuries later, a new Alexandrine is born, led by the same determination and passion that had driven her mother. That passion – a mother’s love for the arts – is what possesses Alexandra Fructuoso today.

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